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Whatever your life style, a swimming pool makes outdoor living a pleasure and becomes a focal point for your social life and also a source of fun and exercise, but before planning the construction of a swimming pool the following things need to be considered.

  • The size of the pool in relation to the area of land you have to site the swimming pool.
  • The pool needs to be positioned to take full advantage of the sun.
  • The pool needs to be positioned so it does not have a detrimental effect on any surrounding buildings and other structures.
  • The swimming pool requires to be connected to a waste water supply / soak-away or similar waste feed system
  • The pool requires a water supply and an electrical supply.
  • There are very few areas that a swimming pool cannot be constructed. Differing ground conditions / locations / specific regulations in certain local authorities can generally be catered for.

Below you can see what is involved in constructing a typical concrete pool.

Even the most basic pool turns an area of ground into a focal point of your villa, an investment that you can not only enjoy while you own the villa but recover if you decide to sell – a villa with a pool is easier to sell than one without.