Water loss is only the start of your problems but even a constant leak can lead to a hefty water bill. In Spain every household is allowed a reasonable volume of water, which is metered. Once your consumption exceeds the permitted amount you will pay a higher tariff for the next few thousand litres and higher again if you continue to use water. It is not uncommon for burst pipes to result in water bills in excess of two thousand Euros – and there is no excuse.

However, it is what happens to the leaking water that can lead to collateral damage such as damp, flooding and soil erosion, which can undermine the foundations of walls, terraces … and even the pool itself. The average 8 x 4 swimming pool weighs over 150 tons when full of water. Once it starts to collapse due to soil erosion there is no pulling it back into place. But even the slightest subsidence on one side is immediately noticeable because of the lines of tiles – a dead give-away against the level of the water. So, if you are in any doubt – act now!

  • The pool pipe in this pictures shows early signs of chlorine attack. This problem occurs when chlorine tablets are placed in the skimmer box or on top of the sump drain (the tell tale signs of chlorine attack are the change in colour of the pipe from slate grey to white)