Every pool loses water through evaporation, certain cleaning operations and “splash-out”, these are acceptable ways to lose water. What is not acceptable is to lose water from leaking pipe work, the skimmers and fitments, poorly fitted/sub-standard equipment or from the fabric of the pool.

dripping tap

If you are routinely adding 5-7cm of water to your pool per week, you have a leak.
Leaking pools cost money through the replenishment of water and chemical’s and when you lose water from a fault with the pool that water has to go somewhere and that some where is the ground around the pool.

A 5mm diameter hole will lose approximately 1,500 litres of water every day!

If the fault is left unattended a leaking pool can cause damage to the support of the soft/hard standing surfaces around the pool and in severe cases have an effect on the ground supporting the pool. If you can see gaps appearing in the terracing around your pool, you need to check for leaks.